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Small Business Tips

Small Business Tips & Resources

All of the tips and resources below have been used or are currently being used by Walker SEO and/or This is a practical list of tools that we have found inexpensive, affordable and effective. We have an affiliate relationship with some of these solutions as well as being a client and using them ourselves.

All of these programs are great for Small Business or Home-Based Businesses.

SEO For Small Business

This is the parent company of Walker SEO specializes in Local SEO and Search Engine Optimization for small businesses. They have SEO packages for local businesses who want to rank higher in Google Places, and locally, national and global firms who may be seeking to augment their PPC campaigns with an organic campaign and ECommerce websites seeking to sell in the U.S. or globally.

Walker SEO also offers a comprehensive social media campaign that is part of their SEO for small business product offering, for more details please call 909-509-4051 or visit

Bookkeeping for Small Business or Home-Based Businesses

This is one of those programs that will MAKE YOU MONEY. Before using Freshbooks I was creating invoices by hand, in Word, organizing them manually, forgetting to bill some small amounts, it was terrible. I started off with the smallest subscription and the rest is history. One of the key features I like with this program is that after you send an invoice you can tell if your client viewed it or not. That is usually a good barometer on when you can expect to receive payment. Sometimes the email may get lost in junk mail, so if they have not viewed it in a week or two, you know they didn't get it and you can simply and quickly resend. I love this APP!


Proposal Writing

This is the best that we have seen. Get started for only $9.00 per month for one user. This creates professionally design proposals that you enter in the details just once. They have special templates for Web Design firms, awesome. Look like a pro, you will win more bids, it takes less time, awesome.

Bidsketch Proposal Writing Software

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for Small Business

Track all your prospects and clients, handles scheduling, creates nice pipeline, integrates with Mac ICal and other calendars. Easy to use, very intuitive and cheap. Only $9.00 per month for one user. This is another program that will make you money. Just like the other apps mentioned and reviewed on this page, this is in the cloud, nothing to download, all info is secure and backed up, awesome. Check it out for yourself.

Small Business CRM, Capsule